The Top 3 Most Difficult Designs To Make With the Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom: more than just bracelets!

We all know that Rainbow Loom is the most popular for its bracelets! And as far as the loom bracelets go, there are some that are easy to make, like the single loom bracelet we talked about in a previous post.

But some crazy, creative people have taken Rainbow Loom and similar loom bracelet / rubber band kits, and made things that go far above and beyond basic bracelets.  Take a look at the Top 3 Most Difficult Designs to Make with the Rainbow Loom!  Can you make these?  Or, have you made some you think are even harder?  In the comment box below, let us know what you think about these, and if you have any hard ones of your own!

Rainbow Loom Sandals

Who would’ve thought you could make footwear with a loom kit?! Turns out, you can make some cool footwear accessories like this, although we must warn you, it’s not really a full sandal! (Watch the video, and you’ll see what we mean).

Sun Bracelet Loom Bracelet

There’s 2 things that really impressed us about the Sun Bracelet- the fact that the back of the bracelet has a band that is of a different thickness than the rest of it (so rather than just being one continuous piece, it’s actually made out of two different pieces)…and also, the fact that the front part is so intricate! Because of these 2 reasons, this loom bracelet is definitely a tough one, and we recommend this one for those looking for advanced-level projects ONLY.

Suzanne’s Rainbow Bloom Charm

The reason I like these is that they are cool little charms that you can make into earrings, make as a pin on your shirt, put them on your backpack…just about anything!

Of course, making a charm is a bit tougher than making a standard bracelet…one small mistake, and the sizing and proportions could be thrown completely off!

We think you will like the charms because you can do so many different things with them.

And remember…

In the comments below, let us know what you think about these difficult rainbow loom designs! Do you think there’s something harder? Do you think these are too easy? Have you made a harder one you want to add? Let us know!